Survive the Winter


Still waters 
That here run so deep 
Are all but frozen now, 
But there is life beneath the ice. 
This winter 
Has been long and fierce. 
The freeze has settled in.
The fish swim slowly, 
Hardly daring to dream 
Of that day 
When the thaw will release the tides.
Waves will roll, 
Free of this season's unyielding grip. 

They are not dead, 
Though some don't yet know 
This is simply the way of it: 

There will come another spring, 
Another warm day, 
Another time 
When the leaves will float 
Like clouds above them.
There will be a time of plenty, 
Then another winter. 

This is just the way of nature. 
This is just the way of life. 
Who survive 
Will see the sun.